ESCORT iXc (0100039-1) Radar Detector & Escort M1 (0010067-1) Dash Cam Bundle – HD Video, Long Range Protection, Fewer False Alarms

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The smartest and most accurate driver alert system!  The new Escort M1 Dash Cam seamlessly integrates with ESCORT iXc Radar system to provide full HD 1080p resolution, collision detection, continuous loop technology, and the Escort Live App!

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  • GPS INTELLIGENCE: GPS-powered AutoLearn technology intelligently rejects false alerts
  • DEFENDER DATABASE: Alerts you in advance to red light and speed camera locations
  • ESCORT LIVE APP: Provides Crowd Sourced Alerts Through Bluetooth Connectivity
  • CONNECTED CAR COMPATIBLE: Stay automatically up to date on camera locations and software via Wi-Fi (or through the USB port and our website). The ESCORT iXc is designed for the WiFi connected car. With the iXc’s connectivity you can download updates and enjoy ESCORT Live! functionality automatically.
  • AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY: ESCORT’s patented GPS-based AutoLearn and In-Vehicle Filtering Technology reduces false alerts for maximized precision detection. The ESCORT iXc features an improved IVT Filter™, which blocks false alerts and limits unwanted distractions.
  • FULL HD VIDEO – The M1 records in 1080P HD making the smallest of details are crystal clear. Its 160° wide view captures the road in front of the vehicle & the lanes around it. WDR tech. optimizes footage to capture greater detail on day & night drives.
  • SIMPLE & SPACE SAVING – The M1 offers users a compact integration of their Radar Detecor and Dash Cam into a single, small section of the windshield, while also using the same power source to operate the dash cam and detector. With these two devices in one, we can keep drivers alert, distraction free and protected out on the road
  • LOOP RECORDING W/ G-SENSOR – 3-axis accelerometer senses sudden accelerations, stops & collisions to automatically protect footage around the incident w/ built-in microphone that records audio along with video. It comes ready w/ Included 16GB micro SD card
  • PHONE/ANDROID – The M1 is controlled through the ESCORT M1 app. Drivers can control the dash cam functionality including resolution, settings, etc. The app also lets users download footage directly to their smart devices, so it can be shared instantly.





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