Federal Couragia M/T 35X12.50R20 E Tire

$371.78 $275.39

  • Load Range: E (10 ply)
  • Sidewall: Black Letters
  • Aggressive Off-Road Design

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  • The Couragia M/T is a mud tire that’s built for use on light trucks and SUVs
  • Reinforced compounds contribute to exceptional durability against cuts, chips, and abrasions.
  • Aggressive tread design and strengthened shoulder deliver excellent traction and protection from off-road impact.
  • Optimized block design increases off-road traction and control.
  • Incremental block edges quickly remove dirt, sand, and gravel for consistent off-road traction



Features Car Type: Light-Truck
Tire Width 35
Tire Aspect Ratio 12.5
Tire Size 35X12.50R20
Tire Diameter 20
Tread Depth 11
Brand Federal
Vehicle Type Light Truck/SUV
Wheel Diameter 20.00 Inches
Tire Season All-Season
Assembled Product Weight 71.2 lb
Tire Load Index 121
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 34.80 x 34.80 x 12.50 Inches


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